I have known Triet for about 10 years. Prior to meeting him, I was looking for some professional advise to resolve certain financial matters. At that time, I talked to other firms, bankers, financial advisors and no one could offer to me the service I was looking for. After meeting Triet and explaining to him the situation, it was quite impressive to see how quickly and efficiently he moved to resolve my financial needs. In almost no time Triet managed to accomplish what no one else could. I was extremely happy with Triet’s services and immediately wanted to have a long lasting working relationship with him and his company.

Over the past 10 years, Triet has always been there for me to assist with various financial and investment needs such as mortgage refinancing, home and auto insurance, long term financial investments. Whenever I need professional advise,  I feel that there is nobody out there who would understand me better than Triet and take my issues almost personally.

After considering different strategies, Triet would ultimately present the best possible path to take. His services often range well beyond what’s originally planned. Recently, Triet assisted me in buying a new home and shortly after, selling my previous one. He diligently guided me through every step of both processes, stayed on a top of every little detail. Once each transaction was completed, Triet offered other helpful services, such as moving and cleaning, at no additional cost. I simply cannot express how painless and smooth both transactions have gone, thanks to Triet’s involvement and handling of the process.

I personally find it to be very easy to work with Triet. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and with superb work ethics. Without any single doubt, I would always recommend him and his company to others.

Sergei & Jackie Severin

Sergei & Jackie

Triet is top-notch RE agent which takes his clients through all steps of selling or buying the property with excellent professional attitude and maximum attention to details. I’ve worked in the past with number of RE agents and had mixed experience which created unpleasant feeling and fear to start another real estate adventure. Triet helped me out to forget that selling and buying new houses is very complicated transaction with a lot of things that need to happened in the right moment. Triet took care of everything making it look like walk in the park by doing a lot of leg work himself. We were so impressed with his professional manner of dealing with his clients that we also asked him to help us with move-in and move-out arrangements, new mortgage and new insurance policy. We were not disappointed with what he had to offer as well! I highly recommend Triet to represent you in everything related to selling or buying your new house and don’t forget to check with him about financing your new transaction and taking care about your insurance covered for everything you can only think off.

Best regards, Dimitry

Dimitry & Lana

Triet was referred to me by a friend and he did not disappoint.  I was simultaneously living in Arizona, selling a house in Nevada, and looking for a new house in Silicon Valley.  I would visit the Valley every two to three weeks and Triet would have our itinerary all set for my review.  He quickly honed in on my “musts” and “wants” and pre-screened the houses that we reviewed.  He is very knowledgeable about real estate in Silicon Valley and is both professional and very personable.  Triet helped with the negotiations and collectively we were able to purchase the house below the asking price which was unusual during this particular time.  We found a minor problem during the walk-through just prior to closing and Triet was able to negotiate a fair payment for the defect above what the seller wanted to pay. Since I have moved in, he has called several times to make sure that everything was still okay with the move.  I highly recommend Triet to anyone looking for a very knowledgeable, professional, efficient and very personable real estate agent.

F. Forsyth

F. Forsyth

We recently had the pleasure of working with Triet and Ann who help us with selling our property and buying a new house… All completed within one month! We never knew it could go so smoothly and so quickly!

From the first visit, we knew we were in good hands. Triet went over the options we had with selling and buying a house. We were concern with finding the right house and at the same time having to sell our current property. He provided very simple examples that are easy to understand, explain the pros and cons and we decided to sign the contract to get things moving.

Within a few days, Triet had already booked five properties for us to see. We knew what we wanted, and he showed us a few comparables, both on the low end and also high end. With each house we visit, the more excited we were. All of them had potential. We decided on the last house he showed us. It was perfect within our price range and included all the amenities we wish for. Knowing it was a hot market, we offered at asking price. Triet went above and beyond and and worked it out with the seller and got the price to drop within appraisal value. We were so impressed!

While all the buying was happening, Triet’s team was preparing our current house to go on market. This is where Ann comes in. She’s a whiz at finance and help us with all the loan documents. What’s amazing is she also staged our house. We’ve never seen our house look so good! The space, the decoration was very inviting. After seeing the brochure and website they put together for the house, We knew we had no trouble getting potential buyers in. We we’re ready!

Triet and his partner did two open houses, Saturday and Sunday. It wasn’t until Sunday evening he told me we’re looking at multiple offers. By the following Thursday we had a signed offer with a deposit! The offer was above our asking price! It was that quick!

Overall, we highly recommend Triet and Ann for all your real estate needs, especially if you have cases like us, selling and buying at the same time. As stressful as this process may seem, they are amazing people who will guide you through each step, never revealing any sort of complications or concerns that would make you worry. That’s what I like about them. Their level of confidence in the subject matter is beyond what we expected. Oh, and on top of that, they treat their customers as if they’re the one and only… They even move you! What more can you expect?

Han & Kelly

Han N.